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Dental Healthcare

Did you know that dental disease is the most common disease in cats?

Just as with people, dental disease in cats can cause pain and infection. Cats rarely show outward signs of dental pain, which is why regular examinations and dental care are very important. After a thorough examination of your cat’s mouth, a professional dental cleaning and/or oral surgery to remove diseased teeth may be recommended.

A professional dental cleaning must be performed under general anesthesia. Before scheduling the dental cleaning, your cat will have a comprehensive physical examination. We will also perform screening blood tests to ensure your cat's health and safety. We use modern, safe anesthesia and we monitor all our patients very closely while under anesthesia. Your cat will have intravenous fluids during the anesthesia as well.

As part of the professional dental cleaning we will take dental x-rays. Our dental x-ray allows us to take a picture of the entire tooth, including the roots (or the part of the tooth under the gum line that is not visible during a regular exam). This gives us a complete picture of each tooth in your cat’s mouth. Since dental disease in cats often occurs under the gum line, x-rays are vital to detecting dental disease.

Dental cleanings and oral surgeries are "same day" procedures, so your kitty will be discharged from the hospital in the late afternoon. At that time we will review your cat's dental x-rays and discharge instructions with you.

We strive to keep your cat’s mouth disease free and comfortable, so once your cat's dental disease is treated, we can teach you how to prevent dental disease at home.